VERT® Forum 14.03.2019

Best available emission control technology for in-use and OE-engines

10 years VERT Forum – A moment to celebrate


N. Heeb | Empa
>> Welcome

L. Larsen | VERT
>> Greetings

Research and Developement


N. Heeb | Empa
>> The genotoxic potential of MPI engines in comparison to other combustion engines

T. Bütler| EMPA
>> NOx-Emissions of LDCV in real world compared to chassis dyno tests

D. Engelmann | AHFB
Agricultural machinery – after long industrial reluctance finally clean

T. Lutz| VERT
>> Membrane filters – a new approach for marine applications

Lars Overgaard | DTI
>> Retrofitting diesel particulate filters on a ferry – practical experiences and measurement results

S. M. Andersen| SDU
>> Sustainability and recovery of precious metals from scrapped DPF

NPTI - Requirements, Solutions and Large New Markets for High-Tech PN Instruments


P. Buekenhoud| GOCA
>> Too many DPF failures and manipulations in the Euro-5 and Euro-6 fleet

H. Burtscher | FHFW
>> DPF failure statistics and conclusions for pass/fail criteria

J. Spielvogel| TSI
>> CPC Technology and its application in vehicle emission testing

M. Fierz| NANEOS
>> DC instruments for PN at idle PTI in workshops and roadside

L. Zuidgeest| NL
>> Phased introduction of a particulates counter test for DPFs in the Netherlands

SCR-Technology for Retrofit, Upgrade, First-Fit


M. Peckham | Cambustion
>> Transient NOx emissions from in-service UK-buses

V. Schlickum| Senat Berlin
>> German government supports SCR-retrofits for public transport and more

K. Mathies| TÜV Süd
>> Retrofit of HDV and/or LDV – different aspects to be respected

A. Friedrich| DUH
>> NO2 exceedances in German cities and consequences

VERT Projects in Emerging Markets


B. Lang | SwissContact
>> Clean air for four Latin American megacities – the CALAC+ project

M. Demski | Testo
>> Mexico City: first PN-control in 60 PTI stations

B. Lee | Katech
>> Korea: a second clean air plan after successful first 2004-14

Li Jun | SWARC
>> China: practice and understanding of diesel vehicle emission control

F. Qian| Beijing-CATS
>> Combined DPF- and DeNox system for retrofit and China NS6

R. Fleischman| MEP Israel
>> DPF-retrofit for HD-vehicles and construction machines in Israel

Legislation and Quality Aspects

A. Mayer| VERT
>> VERT suggestions for post Euro-6

F. Greil | AK
>> New approach for handheld 2-stroke engines

V. Hensel VERT
>> Harmonization VERT/Korea and VERT/China

V. Hensel VERT
>> Closing remarks